Consumer Portfolio Services Offer Back-End Software for Collecting Customers, Dealers, and Investors

Cross-use software is powerful and industry-leading. Though customers, dealers, and investors can all find a very different functionally effective software system for their use, the collective information is similar. In other words, software that uses the right information in the right way can benefit many different parties.

Consumer Portfolio Services has developed a system in the auto industry which streamlines auto vehicle purchases for customers. It also manages to develop concise functions for dealers to review sales, take credit applications, receive support instantly as needed, and create payoff quotes and other various services for customers.

But, the last leg of the system turns back to the investors. These industry leaders are establishing the backbone of the entire infrastructure. Without their support, both dealers and customers would be lost to how to proceed. Functional systems will support customer profiles, cross data for risk management, and history reports.

Functions for all Parties

In this kind of structure, everyone utilizes what they need to do the task at hand. Customers can manage their auto loan while dealers can review contract details and supply services. Lastly, investors can manage margins, review future profiles, and offer the best service platform for dealers to subsequently offer customers.

What varies between these target areas are the functions. The fundamental differences between the needed functions help create a targeted and specific world for each group to inhabit.

End-to End System Support

But, it all works together. A car is firmly purchased at the end, but it was purchased through algorithms, profiles, and dealer data. Now that it is purchased, the software can effectively follow the sale and account for different service needs for all involved parties.

It’s a brilliant system to confirm streamlined communications. Every party has their own portal or point of entrance. The main website features a customer access and dealer access. Investors can access a separate portal in collaboration with the financial infrastructure to track relevant data.

The end result is an end-to-end system that reviews, tracks, and assess all details. Each party has access to what they need without encumbering the other parties. It’s a system that can make processes far simpler.

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